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Interface for entity metadata mappings stored inside "schemas" instead of models decorated by decorators.

Type parameters

  • T


  • EntitySchemaOptions



Optional checks

Entity check options.


columns: object

Entity column's options.

Type declaration

Optional database

database: undefined | string

Database name. Used in MySql and Sql Server.

Optional extends

extends: undefined | string

Name of the schema it extends.

Optional indices

Entity indices options.


name: string

Entity name.

Optional orderBy

Specifies a property name by which queries will perform ordering by default when fetching rows.

Optional relations

relations: undefined | object

Entity relation's options.

Optional schema

schema: undefined | string

Schema name. Used in Postgres and Sql Server.

Optional synchronize

synchronize: undefined | true | false

Indicates if schema synchronization is enabled or disabled for this entity. If it will be set to false then schema sync will and migrations ignore this entity. By default schema synchronization is enabled for all entities.

Optional tableName

tableName: undefined | string

Table name.

Optional target

target: Function

Target bind to this entity schema. Optional.

Optional type

type: TableType

Table type.

Optional uniques

Entity uniques options.

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