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Interface FindManyOptions<Entity>

Defines a special criteria to find specific entities.

Type parameters

  • Entity




Optional cache

cache: boolean | number | object

Enables or disables query result caching.

Optional join

Specifies what relations should be loaded.

Optional loadEagerRelations

loadEagerRelations: undefined | true | false

Indicates if eager relations should be loaded or not. By default they are loaded when find methods are used.

Optional loadRelationIds

loadRelationIds: boolean | object

If sets to true then loads all relation ids of the entity and maps them into relation values (not relation objects). If array of strings is given then loads only relation ids of the given properties.

Optional order

order: undefined | object

Order, in which entities should be ordered.

Optional relations

relations: string[]

Indicates what relations of entity should be loaded (simplified left join form).

Optional select

select: keyof Entity[]

Specifies what columns should be retrieved.

Optional skip

skip: undefined | number

Offset (paginated) where from entities should be taken.

Optional take

take: undefined | number

Limit (paginated) - max number of entities should be taken.

Optional where

where: FindConditions<Entity> | ObjectLiteral | string

Simple condition that should be applied to match entities.

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